The Utah Hospital Association, in collaboration with Utah’s four largest healthcare systems, are joining together in a collaborative effort to encourage the use of face masks in public and work settings throughout the state during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative, #MaskUpUtah will continue throughout the summer months in an effort to help reduce community transmission of the virus.

Clinical leaders for Intermountain Healthcare, MountainStar Healthcare, Steward Healthcare, and University of Utah Health, are concerned about the rising number of COVID-19 cases occurring throughout Utah. They have come together with one voice to remind Utahns that wearing a mask can make a significant difference in helping to reduce transmission of the virus. Read more about the campaign here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I wear a mask? I feel fine. 

Many people who are actively spreading COVID-19 may have very mild or no symptoms. Because they feel fairly well, they do not realize that they need to self-isolate. Wearing a mask while at work and in public settings will help curb community spread.

I've seen on social media that masking doesn't make any difference

A lot of misinformation has been spreading recently about facial masking. However, clinicians agree that both cloth masks and surgical masks block nearly all droplets coming in from outside sources as well as droplets secreted by the wearer. These types of masks also provide some level of protection from aerosol secretions, ranging from 50-90% depending upon the material of the mask. N95 masks used in medical and industrial settings provide an even higher level of protection.

How do I wear a mask? 

Start by placing your mask over your mouth and nose with clean hands, then tie it behind your head or loop behind your ears, making sure it fits snugly. Make sure to cover your nose and your mouth. Once in place, avoid touching your mask. Remove your mask by untying or lifting from the ear loops, avoiding touching the front of the mask or your face. Wash your hands immediately after removing.

What kind of mask should I be wearing? 

All masks offer some level of protection. You don’t need a N95 mask to make a difference. In fact, save N95s for healthcare workers. Surgical masks and a variety of cloth masks are readily available.

I don't have a mask. Where can I get one? 

If you don’t have a mask, check out the “Mask for Every Utahn” initiative offered by the State of Utah in partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association. This initiative is designed to help Utahns who may not have a face mask and are returning to the workplace or going out in public. Masks are available for order at https://coronavirus.utah.gov/mask-faq/.

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