Lynn Stevens joins UHA Board of Trustees

09 January 2020

Lynn Stevens, a community trustee for Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding, has been named to the Utah Hospital Association (UHA) Board of Trustees. As member of the Board, Stevens will join the 21-member group in developing policy and direction for the Association for the 2020-21 year.

Born and raised in Blanding, Stevens earned a bachelor’s degree at Utah State University and an MBA degree from the University of Utah. He entered the U.S. Army with the rank of Second Lieutenant immediately upon graduating from Utah State University, serving 33 years on active duty and retiring with the rank of Major General.

During his military service, Stevens completed four separate assignments in the Pentagon over the span of 10 years. He was the Division Director over the Army’s research and development and procurement budget, which was greater than $20 billion annually. He also commanded military units at every level, from platoon leader to general officer. Most notably, he commanded the troop unit with the responsibility for custody, reliability and security of all of the NATO inventory of ground-launched nuclear artillery warheads.

After Army retirement, Stevens was employed by Northrup Grumman Corporation as Vice President of Precision Weapons Development.

His community service includes two terms as a San Juan County Commissioner. He was also the Director of Public Lands Policy Coordination during the Huntsman administration. He now serves as Chairman of the Blue Mountain Hospital Board of Directors, San Juan County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Board of Directors, and the Hole in the Rock Foundation Board of Directors.

Additionally, Stevens is a board member for the Blanding Irrigation Company and the Blanding Cemetery District. He served for five years as GeneralChairman of the Blanding City 4th of July Celebration activities. He also served for five years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the College of Eastern Utah and two years as Chairman of the Utah State University-Eastern Advisory Committee.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lynn to the UHA Board of Trustees,” commented UHA President/CEO Greg Bell. “His extensive leadership experience and hands-on involvement in rural community issues will be great assets to the UHA Board.”