Distinguished Utah Healthcare Executive Award

The “Distinguished Hospital Executive Award” is the Association’s highest honor for outstanding hospital executives who have distinguished themselves through their contributions to the healthcare industry and their profession, who are leaders in providing quality healthcare services, and who are active in UHA and related industry organizations and causes.

Each recipient will have demonstrated a standard of excellence in leadership, service and professional achievement that exemplifies UHA’s commitment to the healthcare industry and the citizens of Utah.

To be eligible, the nominee must be an active chief executive or chief operating officer of a licensed hospital or health system operating in Utah or have held such a position within the previous three years, and must have made significant contributions to the healthcare industry. Specifically, the nominee will be evaluated on the basis of demonstrated hospital administration excellence and professional performance, and must have made recognizable contributions to UHA and to the healthcare industry. These include UHA and its affiliated organizations, task forces, committees and councils, the American Hospital Association, Federation of American Healthcare Systems, the American College of Healthcare Executives, The Health Forum or any other local or regional organizations.

The nominee’s role of providing healthcare services to the general public will be measured by the excellence of the institution’s staff and employees, and the quality of services provided. Leadership and service may be exemplified by total career achievements of by highly visible contributions in a relatively short period of time. The Selection Committee may consider other distinguishable community leadership qualities. No member of the Selection Committee will be eligible to receive the award.


Past Recipients

  • 1996—Don Larson, Mountain View Hospital
  • 1997—Doug Fonnesbeck, Cottonwood Hospital
  • 1998—Mark Stoddard, Rural Health Management Corporation
  • 1999—H. Gary Pehrson, Intermountain Healthcare Urban Central Region
  • 2000—Steven Bateman, Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • 2001—Thomas Hanrahan, Intermountain Healthcare Urban North Region
  • 2002—Richard Smith, Logan Regional Hospital
  • 2003—Joseph Horton, Primary Children’s Medical Center
  • 2004—Richard Fullmer, University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics
  • 2005—Bradley LeBaron, Uintah Basin Medical Center
  • 2006—M. Christopher Coons, Intermountain Healthcare Southwest Region
  • 2007—William H. Nelson, Intermountain Health Care
  • 2008—John W. Hanshaw, MountainStar Healthcare
  • 2009—Gordon Crabtree, University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics
  • 2010—Larry D. Hancock, Intermountain Healthcare Urban Central Region
  • 2011—Rand Kerr, Lakeview Hospital
  • 2012—Michael E. Jensen, Davis Hospital & Medical Center
  • 2013—Gregory P. Poulsen, Intermountain Healthcare
  • 2014—Edward Lamb, FACHE, IASIS Healthcare
  • 2015—Katy Welkie, Primary Children's Hospital
  • 2016—Ross Van Vranken, University Neuropsychiatric Institute
  • 2017—Terri Kane, Intermountain Healthcare, Southwest Region
  • 2018—Mark Adams, Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • 2019—Joe Mott, Intermountain Healthcare
  • 2021—Mark Dalley, Gunnison Valley Hospital & Kevin Johnson, Mountain View Hospital